Hilda Agajanian: A Vanguard in Healthcare Transformation

Hilda Agajanian, Chief Growth Officer at The Oncology Institute of Hope & Innovation, emerges as a pioneering figure in the healthcare sector, spearheading transformative changes in cancer care. With her unwavering dedication to optimizing patient satisfaction and outcomes, she stands as a beacon of innovation and compassion in the industry.

We at EliteX are proud to introduce Hilda Agajanian as one of the Transformational Women in Healthcare, 2024.

Hilda’s journey into healthcare began with a profound recognition of the deficiencies within the system, particularly concerning the escalating expenses associated with oncology care. Motivated by a desire to revolutionize cancer care delivery, she transitioned from a finance background to co-found The Oncology Institute, championing patient-centered approaches and pioneering innovative solutions. Since then, she has remained committed to ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care, driving transformative change within the industry.

“Innovation and collaboration drive positive change in healthcare. Let’s shape a better future together.”

In defining “transformation” in healthcare, Hilda emphasizes the need for significant changes in care delivery and patient experience. She underscores the pivotal role that women play in driving these changes, citing their diverse perspectives, empathetic approach, and collaborative leadership styles as essential catalysts for positive transformation in healthcare. A shining example of Hilda’s transformative initiatives is the High-Value Cancer Care (HVCC) model, which she led the development and implementation of. This model strategically aligns physicians, patients, and payors to enhance the quality of care while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs. Through vigilant monitoring of patient outcomes, incorporation of evidence-based practices, and proactive emphasis on preventive measures, the HVCC model revolutionizes cancer care delivery.

Looking towards the future of healthcare, Hilda envisions a system that is more holistic, proactive, and patient-centered. She anticipates increasing focus on improving health outcomes, enhancing the patient experience, and fostering greater equity and inclusion. In shaping this future, she highlights the importance of effective communication, emotional intelligence, and resilience as essential qualities for women seeking leadership roles in healthcare transformation. Hilda Agajanian, the esteemed Chief Growth Officer at The Oncology Institute of Hope & Innovation, shares invaluable insights garnered from her illustrious career in healthcare transformation. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, she has become a guiding force in reshaping the landscape of oncology care.

For young women aspiring to excel in the healthcare industry, especially in transformative roles, Hilda offers sage advice rooted in her own experiences. She encourages them to embrace confidence in their abilities and opportunities, seek out leadership roles, cultivate a robust network, prioritize lifelong learning, and maintain resilience. Drawing from her journey, she emphasizes the gratification of making a meaningful impact in the industry and the lives of patients served.

“Mentorship and networking empower women in healthcare to achieve their goals and make meaningful contributions.”

Fostering innovation and collaboration lies at the heart of Hilda’s approach within The Oncology Institute. Grounded in core values of Genuine Empathy, Strive for Excellence, Unwavering Integrity, and Better Together, the organization cultivates a collaborative environment that drives positive change. Through collaborative efforts, TOI has flourished, boasting a team of over 900 members dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable oncology care.

Hilda’s impactful work extends beyond organizational success to groundbreaking achievements in healthcare transformation. She takes immense pride in the establishment of TOI Clinical Research, which manages over 170 clinical trials, paving the way for patients to access cutting-edge treatments within their communities. Additionally, her recent collaboration with Massive Bio signifies a forward-thinking approach, leveraging AI to empower cancer patients and enhance clinical trial eligibility assessments. Exciting trends and emerging technologies in healthcare, particularly AI, captivate Hilda’s attention. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, she envisions harnessing AI to augment the capabilities of healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes. Her collaboration with Massive Bio exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in advancing cancer care and underscores her commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Mentorship and networking emerge as indispensable tools for advancing women’s careers in healthcare transformation, according to Hilda. Through mentorship and networking, women gain access to guidance, support, opportunities, and empowerment necessary to achieve professional success and make meaningful contributions to the industry’s evolution. Hilda Agajanian’s visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and commitment to empowering women in healthcare transformation stand as testament to her profound impact on the industry’s trajectory, while her transformative initiatives exemplify her dedication to shaping a more innovative, inclusive, and effective healthcare system for all.

“Be confident, seek leadership, and embrace learning. Making an impact in healthcare is fulfilling.”