Happy Bains: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Meet Happy Bains: A living testament to resilience, determination, and boundless positivity. Guided by the grace of the Universe, Happy overcame adversities, bullying, and academic setbacks, embracing the belief that his duty was to become wiser, healthier, and wealthier, pledging never to die poor. Starting from humble beginnings, Happy fearlessly ventured into diverse careers, from polishing shoes on railway platforms to becoming a model, actor, celebrity manager, and more. Today, he is a thriving entrepreneur, a renowned podcaster, and the founder of Real Canadian Career & Migration Consulting Ltd., empowering others to achieve their dreams.

A HUNGRY STOMACH, AN EMPTY STOMACH AND A BROKEN HEART taught Happy Bains how to remain Happy & Healthy in unhappy moments.

At the age of four, being motherless and later homeless inspired Happy to become the passionate entrepreneur that he is today with the grace of the Universe.

Facing enormous adversities, bullying, and failing a few times in school made him THINK* TOP consciously that one’s moral duty is to become wiser, healthy, and wealthy and never want to die poor!

In my childhood, I remained hopeful and confident and always had a positive outlook on life with a vision and definite purpose to serve and help others globally happily.


While studying at the age of 8, he found work at a local garage and factory, polishing shoes on the railway platform in Mumbai, India. From this point on, there was no turning back.  Courageously, he continued to build on opportunities that came his way, even working as a house and officer cleaner, sales expert, server, bartender, cook and lifestyle expert. I then went on to have a diverse career as an internationally high-paid model, actor, celebrity manager, fashion and event director, modelling agency owner and business investor, and board of directors on a charity foundation etc.

Humbly he successfully started and runs over 15 global consulting businesses.

He now exclusively runs his successful business as a #1 Podcaster (The Happy Conversation – Idea Show) to promote businesses and interview celebrities and successful and happiest people in the Lifestyle, Education and Hospitality industry. 

His other business, as a founder of Real Canadian Career & Migration Consulting Ltd., is a trustworthy licensed Canadian company with a mandate to help passionate people and new immigrants to study, work, and settle in Canada and existing businesses to improve their quality of lifestyle.

My selfless interest achieves results by conducting various coaching/consulting/speaking seminars and using my extensive international business network to help people learn and connect with my global network and succeed personally and professionally.


An interview with EliteX chronicles his challenges, choices and his future course of action.

EliteX: Happy, quite a challenging journey. Can you please share the key factors that have contributed to the position where you are today?

Happy Bains: I firmly believe that every adversity, disappointment and sadness heartache carries the valuable seed of equivalent benefits (if we care to acknowledge and write it down). My visionary imagination is the workshop of the pure heart and soul wherein all plans for my success and achievements are shaped.

EX: What are the challenges you faced and how did overcome them?

HB: In the early stage of the job hunt at the corporate places, I got rejected dozens of times (one of the reasons) for my colour, accent, and not having higher degrees and or references. In the modelling & acting industry, I was rejected for over 400 auditions. Still, I never give up my pure ferocious winning attitude. Finally, I was crowned with world-class branding ads, TV Commercials, TV dramas, and Fashion runway shows. I ended up founding my global agency, which is the history of overcoming all the adversities and so-called challenges.

EX: Stay Focused, Go After Your Dreams & Keep Moving Towards Your Goal. How do you practice this quote in your daily life?

HB: Through meditation, exercise and a daily mental chewing diet towards writing, reading and listening toward my life purpose and vision (goals) daily.

EX: What steps does Happy Baines the leader take to keep his team inspired   & motivated?

HB: By listening positively and respectfully (at least not judging at first & second time), understanding the root of problems/challenges and leading them toward fruitful solutions and massive success.

Learn and lead is my motto, and giving them an everyday challenge to: Protect mother earth and animals and respect each person as the most important person on Earth.


EX: What are the traits that make Happy Bains an Exceptional Entrepreneur? 

HB:Integrity, code of ethics, respect, clear communication, solving problems and continuing results, and never promising, which I/we are not specialized at.

I continue learning and interviewing successful people to promote their stories and business on my #1 happiness Podcast on Lifestyle, Education, Health & Hospitality. You can connect now to stay on the top https://www.happybains.com.


EX: Can you share more light on your recent and future course of action?

HB: My most recent achievement of which I’m extremely proud is the TOP formula course strategy invented by me.

 T = Think. O = Operate. P = Progress.

My future course of action is staying healthy, visiting different cities and countries to receive awards, giving seminars, and retreat workshops, speaking at events towards career and lifestyle advancement and Podcast interviewing successful people around the world

The day I committed to start and own my first business, I embossed an invisible tattoo inside my heart & mind that every day is a blessing to make each moment an occasion to be HAPPY and make others HAPPY.


EX: What is Happy Bains the entrepreneur?

HB: What sets my business apart from other businesses is by creating, not competing. To be a successful business leader in the line of your business, reflect/case study the past, understand the present trend, learn advancing skills and apply daily, and mainly strict control and discipline over spoken words, drinking, sex, eating and sleeping.

The measure of respect for TIME & MONEY is the opportunity’s measure of respect for us. Also, by asking polite questions during the mastermind celebration meetings, taking a personal inventory of time by finding who they are, where we are going in business and how easy we can go together to benefit ourselves and our clients.


EX: How do you make sure that your personal & professional life gets equal priority?

HB: I have learned and applied since childhood that men search throughout their lifetime for worldly riches, not recognizing that the source of all riches is already within their reach and under their control, awaiting only its recognition and use. Thoughts are things/needs, and, significantly, that thought is the only mighty power over which any individual has been provided, by the creator of man, with the right of complete control. I have the exact numbers of my personal life and business earnings, and I am content with it.

Collaboration and cooperation, like love and friendship, are valuable things you get by giving. The spirit of teamwork of unselfish teamwork provides greater benefits for this generation and helps those yet to come. Also, creating and maintaining the healthy and harmonious rules of Integrity, Respect, Learning and Leading the Life and Lead others compassionately.


EX: A Happy Advice for our readers.

HB: ChatGPT and AI are made by the human mind, and the human mind is the only vast agency which is an unexplored continent on Mother Earth, so preparing each day to create things that clever machines cannot produce results. Yesterday is gone forever; now, make the most of today and tomorrow; if I/we wish to make up for a lost time, move ahead and say ahead in our personal and industry areas. (Do not forget you have genius inside you – use it, or you will lose it)  “THINK TOP”So here is your mental chewing diet for passionate readers:

So how are you preparing your golden mind to reap the harvest of abundance every day?

Do you take inventory of yourself daily?

The beautiful world is managed by the non-drifters, are you?

EX: A Happy Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or business leaders.

HB: Learn from experts, research, decide and commit to the line of your field first (With integrity – The more you learn and apply, the more you earn, the faster you learn, the faster you earn), which applies in the personal and business area. If you have indecision/problems, contact me happily to unlock your hidden potential.