Guiding Healthcare with Integrity: The Journey of Ginger Chappell

As Vice President and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer with Sutter Health, Ginger Chappell in some ways serves as the ethical compass for the healthcare system, which cares for more than 3 million patients in one of the most diverse and innovative regions of the United States. She oversees Sutter Health’s focus on an effective compliance program grounded in ethical decision making and partnership with business owners and executive leadership.

In her role, she makes it easy for people to do the right thing in the right way, fosters a healthy culture, and minimizes non-compliance and overall risk. We at EliteX are proud to introduce Ginger Chappell as one of the 2024 Transformational Women in Healthcare.

Ginger’s journey in the industry commenced nearly two decades ago when she joined Sutter Health as an auditor. Through her role, she delved deeply into the intricacies of healthcare operations, gaining invaluable insights into the processes and controls that underpin exceptional patient care. Over the years, Ginger’s dedication and leadership propelled her to the position of Vice President, where she nurtured a team of true partners. In 2014, she took on her current role, spearheading transformative initiatives in ethics and compliance.

For Ginger, healthcare is more than a profession; it’s a calling rooted in the privilege of serving others. She believes in the power of transformative and innovative thinking to elevate patient care and drive positive outcomes. Rather than overwhelming colleagues with the technicalities of compliance, she emphasizes the core principle of doing what’s right for patients, physicians, employees and communities. By aligning compliance efforts with the fundamental mission of patient care, Ginger fosters a culture of ethical excellence that permeates every facet of Sutter Health’s operations. Sutter Health remains a beacon of trust and integrity thanks to its culture of ethical decision-making.

As healthcare evolves at a rapid pace, Ginger sees women playing a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. Drawing from her own experiences and observations, she highlights the innate caregiving instincts, multitasking prowess and creative genius that women bring to the table. With a diverse perspective and a holistic approach, women are poised to drive innovation, collaboration and compassionate care in the healthcare landscape.

“Empowerment lies in knowing our strengths, embracing them, and surrounding ourselves with diverse talents.” – Ginger Chappell

To aspiring women in healthcare, Ginger offers sage advice: Know your strengths, embrace them, and surround yourself with a team of diverse talents. In the dynamic realm of healthcare, success is built on collaboration, continuous learning and unwavering integrity. By staying true to their passions and leveraging their unique abilities, women can chart a transformative course in healthcare leadership.

Ginger’s journey in healthcare transformation is deeply intertwined with her personal experiences and the inspiring partnership she shares with her husband. As a paraplegic who has navigated life’s challenges with resilience and creativity, he inspires Ginger’s leadership approach. Reflecting on their 20-year journey together, Ginger emphasizes the value of exploring innovative solutions and collaborative pathways to achieve shared goals.

In her role, she champions a mindset that goes beyond simply saying “no” to challenges, instead working closely with leaders to chart compliant yet transformative paths forward. Just as her husband navigates the open road on his motorcycle with ingenuity and determination, Ginger applies this same spirit to help ensure that Sutter Health’s ethics and compliance program supports operations in delivering quality care while adhering to industry rules.

In a field as demanding as healthcare, Ginger prioritizes harmony over traditional notions of balance between professional and personal life. Recognizing that these facets of life are inherently interconnected, she focuses on activities that nourish her body and soul. Whether it’s enjoying wholesome meals, immersing herself in nature or cherishing moments with loved ones and furry companions, Ginger finds solace and rejuvenation in these pursuits. By nurturing her well-being, she equips herself to navigate the challenges of her professional journey with confidence and resilience, knowing that she can overcome any obstacle with a clear mind and a steadfast spirit.

“Innovation, ethical excellence, and holistic well-being are the cornerstones of transformative healthcare leadership.” – Ginger Chappell

Mentorship serves as a cornerstone of Ginger’s philosophy for advancing women in healthcare transformation. As both a mentee and mentor, she recognizes the immense value of creating spaces where individuals can learn from and uplift one another. For those seeking guidance, Ginger advises clarity in identifying their needs and seeking mentors who excel in those areas. Drawing from her own experiences, she recalls the profound impact of mentors who shared their personal struggles and triumphs, offering invaluable insights and support during pivotal moments in her career.

By fostering a culture of mentorship, Ginger believes that women can unlock their full potential and chart transformative paths in healthcare leadership. Ginger Chappell’s journey exemplifies the profound intersection of personal inspiration and professional dedication in healthcare transformation. With her unwavering commitment to innovation, ethical excellence and holistic well-being, she continues to inspire and empower individuals to navigate the complexities of healthcare with courage, compassion and creativity.

“Healthcare is more than a profession; it’s a calling rooted in the privilege of serving others.” – Ginger Chappell

Ginger Chappell’s journey is a testament to the profound impact of ethical leadership and transformative thinking in healthcare. As she continues to foster a culture steeped in ethical decision-making and inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders, her dedication serves as a guiding light for us all.