Empowering Women: The Inspiring Journey of Kelsey Crystal

Kelsey Crystal is a multifaceted professional who wears many hats in her career. As the founder of KelseyCrystal LLC, she serves as both a Somatic Practitioner and a Clairvoyant Medium. With five years of experience in readings and two years in somatic work, Kelsey has built a global clientele spanning seven countries. Her passion lies in aiding women to discover clarity, peace, and purpose through her unique blend of readings and somatic regulation. We at EliteX are proud to introduce Kelsey Crystal as one of the 10 Extraordinary Women Leaders to Watch, 2024.

Kelsey’s journey into her field was inspired by a desire to offer authentic, trauma-informed assistance to women, steering clear of the often oversimplified “love and light” narrative. For her, effective leadership means embodying traits like perseverance, consistency, patience, resilience, and above all, open-mindedness. Establishing trust with her clients through consistent, honest relationships has been crucial, especially given the challenges she’s faced as a female business owner in the realm of energy work. Reflecting on her achievements, Kelsey holds her iHeart media interview within her inaugural year of business in high esteem, alongside her features in magazines and podcasts, and the global reach of her client base. She takes pride in realizing the dreams she once held and diligently pursued.

“Kelsey Crystal’s journey embodies resilience, authenticity, and a steadfast dedication to empowering women.”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not mere buzzwords for Kelsey; they’re integral to her practice. By welcoming clients from all backgrounds, she learns from their cultures and values, recognizing the importance of cultural understanding in fostering trust and safety within her relationships. Regarding work-life balance, Kelsey takes a pragmatic approach, acknowledging the challenges of achieving it in today’s societal landscape, particularly as a business owner. Instead, she focuses on accepting herself and her circumstances, taking each day as it comes. In her leadership journey, Kelsey draws inspiration from women like her business attorney, a testament to balancing motherhood, legal practice, and entrepreneurship with finesse. Additionally, she admires figures like Kim Kardashian for reshaping perceptions of women in business, despite facing criticism for her unconventional path.

To stay informed and keep up with industry trends and developments, Kelsey Crystal prioritizes understanding her audience’s needs and preferences. Through social media polls and direct client feedback, she gauges what her clients desire more or less of, ensuring any changes align with their expectations. Additionally, Kelsey relies on intuition alongside logic and client input to guide her business decisions, recognizing that industry trends often mirror client trends and behavior. Reflecting on a tough decision, Kelsey recounts the challenge of shortening her sessions. Initially offering two-hour readings, she found herself rapidly approaching burnout. Despite the success these longer sessions brought, Kelsey realized the necessity of preserving her well-being to serve her clients effectively. Shortening her sessions, although difficult, allowed her to maintain balance and provide value while communicating openly with her clientele.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not mere buzzwords for Kelsey; they’re integral to her practice.”

In Kelsey’s view, the primary obstacle facing women in leadership roles today is the struggle to be heard and respected. Acknowledging the persistent need for women to exert extra effort to gain recognition, she advocates for female entrepreneurs to empower one another and drive lasting change in the business landscape. Offering advice to aspiring women leaders, Kelsey emphasizes the importance of setting firm boundaries and “adhering to what she calls the “three P rule”; creating and maintaining relationships with those who will pay you, promote you, or partner with you in your first year of business.” Assertiveness with boundaries, combined with grace and compassion, is key to navigating the challenges of leadership effectively. Regarding the future of women in leadership, Kelsey predicts a shift towards greater female representation in traditionally male-dominated spaces. She anticipates this change will leave a lasting impact on industries and trends, shaping the landscape for future generations of women leaders.

Currently, Kelsey finds excitement in expanding her somatic training offerings, both as standalone services and integrated into her readings. Recognizing the potential of somatic work to complement her readings, she aims to provide comprehensive support, particularly when addressing sensitive or traumatic experiences. Looking ahead, Kelsey hopes to extend her reach to clients in more countries and host live readings worldwide, fostering personal connections and empowerment across borders. Her aspiration is to continue evolving her career journey, enriching the lives of her clients and herself through meaningful interactions and experiences.

Kelsey Crystal’s journey embodies resilience, authenticity, and a steadfast dedication to empowering women. As a leader navigating the intricacies of her field, Kelsey’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration in a world constantly in flux. With her unwavering determination and innovative approach, she continues to pave the way for women leaders, leaving an indelible mark on both her industry and the broader landscape of leadership.

“Effective leadership means embodying traits like perseverance, consistency, patience, resilience, and above all, open-mindedness.”