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Claudia Duran

VIP Matchmaker | The Communication Studio

The man or woman you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life. Your mental health, your peace of mind,  the love inside of you, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your success, how children will be raised and so much more. Choose Wisely.

Reads the quote. Claudia Duran, the founder of The Communication Studio guides you in putting the above quote into practice.

Meet The Matchmaker:

When introducing herself Claudia says:

Hi, I’m Claudia!  I work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, and other exceptional singles to help them find love.  My focus is luxury matchmaking, coaching, and philanthropy with previous expertise in building out large-scale go-to-market media strategies for global brands including PLAYBOY TV INTERNATIONAL, HALLMARK CHANNEL, and JET EDGE.

For my career, I have inked partnerships with VOGUE, VARIETY, WALT DISNEY, THE ANNIE LEIBOVITZ STUDIO, award-winning advertising agencies, live event production agencies, and a tech launch promoting the appearance of Sir Richard Branson in Brazil. I have 20 years of experience in Miami, LA, NYC, and Washington D.C. and a quantifiable track record of success and multi-million-dollar revenue generation.

Meet The Company:

The Communication Studio is a lifestyle agency that Claudia founded in 2007 specializing in matchmaking, coaching, and philanthropy based out of Miami.  She works globally, and has been featured in Business Insider, NBC Telemundo, Elite Daily, Voyage Magazine’s “Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Miami,” CIO’s “Best Inspiring Women Leaders 2022,” and most recently shot a pilot for HBO Max with the Emmy-winning producers of Queer Eye and Vanderbilt Rules.

The Matchstick That Lights The Matchmaking:

In the words of Claudia:

Be authentic!  After 20 years of marketing global brands and launching start-ups, I had a shift focusing more on individually based one-on-one marketing. Helping people best market themselves as individuals, not in a #brand way, but more authentically, who they are, and what makes them unique through a passion for matchmaking and coaching.

How Does This Matchmaker Stand Out:

What Claudia saw was that so many people had become so very disconnected from themselves and each other in this digitally saturated world.

My mission is to help people to reconnect back to themselves and with each other.  I work with each client one-on-one to listen to and understand their individuality, background, culture, core values, lifestyle and vision for love and the future. If it’s important to them,
it’s important to me!

Claudia Duran

In her previous career in entertainment and private aviation, she worked closely with top executives and brands to make them shine; now she likes to make people shine.

I help them create a bomb profile, select or shoot awesome photos, recommend styling, and give them access to a stellar group of professionals I collaborate with, depending on what their needs may be.

Claudia Duran

Her diverse and affluent clientele have endlessly fascinating stories and backgrounds, and as such, require different support and services. 

Currently, she is partnering with a neuro empowerment facility, which is designed to create intentional outcomes, and take control of how one functions by forming new empowered patterns that transform lives!  When asked what this has to do with matchmaking she replies that it speaks to the core of self-love, which can often be blocked by past trauma, environmental factors, or bad patterns. 

In some extreme cases, self-love must be addressed before intimate love can blossom.  I was always fascinated by communication and psychology, both of which I studied in school, and this allows me to delve into both in a rewarding and fulfilling way. This is where coaching comes in handy.

Claudia Duran

The Spark That Lit The Match:

Originally, The Communication Studio was started as a marketing and PR firm when she left private aviation in Los Angeles.  It made sense, as that was what she had done for 20 years across verticals in entertainment and hospitality as well.  Then one of her clients began encouraging her  to meet with potential matchmaking clients, and that completely took on a life of its own, it came naturally, and so did buzz and press, cable TV offers, and much to her surprise marriages and matches!

As a businesswoman, one of the toughest challenges that I have ever faced is being underestimated because I do not have an aggressive personality or approach.  I don’t believe you have to be aggressive to get things done.  I believe you can channel that into being respectful, persistent, persuasive, working hard and working smart, and by having fortitude

Claudia Duran

How Has The Match Kept Its Spark Bright And Burning:

Claudia proudly affirms: My brand communicates this: every client is their brand, a luxury service. 

I believe that my experience working globally with people from drastically diverse cultures helped me broaden my vision and shape an understanding of how to work with many different types of people successfully.  Working with high-level executives out of the office structure and around the world schools you are in flexibility and resourcefulness.  I strive to bring these qualities and responsiveness to every client I work with. 

When I was working in private aviation, we worked hard to create and launch a luxury brand.  We worked to service multiple Forbes billionaires.  The knowledge that I acquired both in the luxury space and working with these exceedingly demanding clients made an ideal foundation for my brand and the way I approach this highly personalized business today, and that has paid off.  

The highlights of the business have been to get to see the love and life up close, and certainly to bring people together in marriage, engagements, partnerships, and even puppy adoptions! LOL

On the coaching side, it has also been very powerful for me to help my clients support the transformation they desire.  Whether it is a young lady I am working with who has a history of toxic relationships, a man who has no confidence with the opposite sex for deep-rooted reasons, to another who is ready to make huge bucket list changes like a move to the west coast and launch a total career overhaul.  I also practice what I teach, as I started my transformation in 2007. 

All is possible with a little help and a lot of love!

Claudia Duran

A Message To Light Up Your Match:

Over the years. I have taught myself that there are opportunities EVERYWHERE and that to be open to them I must keep myself on a high vibration.  That means healthy, sane, slept, worked out and clear and spiritual as possible. No alcohol, no drugs.  I have also learned that no matter what, cycles will naturally flow up and down and not get overly anxious or tied to any particular outcome.  This is hard but gets easier over the years, then you appreciate opportunities you never saw coming manifest, while others you thought might be a sure thing disappear overnight, and your business continues to grow and evolve if you keep working on it.  Then you realize you’re not really in charge anyway!  I try to be grateful every single day.

-Claudia Duran