Building a Life by Design: The Story of Natasha McCrea and Love CEO Institute

Natasha McCrea | Founder of Love CEO Institute | Co-founder of Jackson McCrea Whiskey

Natasha McCrea is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Love CEO Institute and co-founder of Jackson McCrea Whiskey. With a passion for helping people design the life they want, Natasha has built a successful personal development company and is now venturing into the world of spirits.

Founded eight years ago, Love CEO Institute teaches Natasha’s personal methodology using the foundation of self-love through self-care. Their core offerings include private and group coaching, workshops, courses, and guided journals. They are currently developing the Love CEO App, which will compile thousands of hours of private and group coaching methods, master classes, and workshops into a Love Coach at your fingertips. With the use of AI, the experience will be personalized to the individual needs of the end-user.

“You can design the life you want.” – Natasha McCrea

Natasha’s motto is “You can design the life you want.” Her companies are built on the belief of living your life out loud exactly how you want it. At Jackson McCrea, “She Makes the Rules” is their motto. Natasha believes that personal connection is a crucial part of improving the quality of life, and even with the launch of Jackson McCrea Whiskey, their objective is to build an intimate relationship with their consumers.

“She Makes the Rules.” – Jackson McCrea Whiskey

Natasha’s journey in building Love CEO Institute has been one of constant innovation. A key business highlight was when she started teaching her methodologies for corporations. She is currently in the early stages of building an in-house team at Jackson McCrea, and is looking forward to building a strong company culture.

When asked about the future of the personal development industry, Natasha believes that AI will play a crucial role. She also believes that building intimate connections with consumers will be a requirement. Consumers are seeking more authentic connections whether it is personal development or spirits.

Natasha’s approach to creating an inclusive workplace, motivating, and developing talent is to lean into the authentic strengths of her team. She values self-care and connection, and her companies are an extension of herself. She has discovered and executed leadership principles that have contributed to her success, including self-awareness, masterful communication, positive outlook, and genuine love for people and the work she does.

“Personal connection is a crucial part of improving the quality of life.” – Natasha McCrea

A typical day as a CEO for Natasha is different every day. She starts her day with meditation or journaling, drinks 1-2 glasses of lemon water, walks or stretches, and eats a large plate of whole fruit. She does not usually take meetings before 10 am and blocks meetings and work time to avoid interruptions when she needs to focus. She generally finishes her day by 4 or 5 pm, but when she is on a deadline or launching something, she may have late evenings. When she needs to unplug from work, she has a self-care plan that is part of her work plan.

Natasha’s favorite books include “The Alchemist,” “Hooked,” “Think and Grow Rich,” “Poke the Box,” and “Steal Like an Artist.” Her favorite movies include “The Color Purple,” “Scarface,” “Wakanda” everything, “Coming to America,” and “Schindler’s List.”

As Natasha continues to build her companies and follow her passion for helping people design the life they want, she remains true to her belief in living life out loud and building authentic connections with her consumers. Her journey is a testament to the power of self-love and self-care in achieving success in both personal and professional life.

“Building intimate connections with consumers will be a requirement.”